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OK 73102
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TAP Architecture is pleased to have been a design partner for the recently opened Clarity Coffee on the first floor of the Arts District Parking Garage.  
Located in downtown Oklahoma City, the 1,335 sq. ft. coffee shop serves to much of downtown's coffee enthusiasts.  The urban design combined with the use of natural light from the south-facing windows provide a unique and memorable experience.  

​Check out claritycoffee.com and find out about their upcoming events and social media accounts.  

clarity coffee





It is imperative that we understand our client’s needs, desires and dreams.  A design can be successful only if the designer listens carefully to the owner and acquires a thorough understanding of the project program. All stakeholders must be engaged in the design process. Whether it be teachers, administrators, community members, organizations, or business owners, clients are key team players in TAP’s  collaborative design process. 


For design to be meaningful, it must be contextual:  influenced by regional character and the landscape.  Scale, proportion, form, color, texture, and rhythm all serve to root a building comfortably in its surroundings. TAP Architecture’s passion is to be pro-actively engaged in community-based design.  We are committed to creating positive change in our community through design. 



TAP presents our clients with design solutions that serve their needs programmatically and functionally.  But more importantly, TAP provides design solutions that inspire imagination and express identity and culture.  We focus on the client’s vision as a final outcome and aggressively attack every issue that is vital to the project’s success.