​​415 N. Broadway
Oklahoma City
OK 73102


OCPD Southwest Briefing Station

​​​The building's design responds to its context and location on Will Rogers World Airport Property. Simple forms and low-sloped roofs make reference to adjacent aviation buildings, while its construction materials and finishes speak to the permanence and stability that is the Oklahoma City Police Department.

​Exterior building materials/finishes include thin-clad stone and brick veneer, steel, aluminum storefront systems utilizing high-performance glazing, and standing-seam metal roofs. Interior finishes are selected based on durability and performance and may include polished concrete floors, porcelain tile, carpet tile, and recycled glass countertops. Building materials/finishes feature a color palette that is inspired by the Oklahoma prairie: the red earth, native grasses waiving in the breeze, and the endless blue sky.

The building's floor plan is heavily influenced by the function of its program, providing an easily accessible interface with the public while offering a secured work environment for its administrators, officers, and staff. The public entry is physically separated from the secured, private entry. Emphasis on Patrol Officers and their daily duties and interaction with the building is paramount to its design.



Project:  Oklahoma City Police Department Southwest Briefing Station
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City Police Department
Construction Cost: $
2.5 Million
 New Construction
10,820 Square Feet