​​415 N. Broadway
Oklahoma City
OK 73102


Project:  Eugene Field Elementary School
Location:  Oklahoma City
Client:  Oklahoma City Public School / MAPS for Kids
Type:  Elementary School
Size:  64,000 sq. ft
Date of Completion: 2012
Budget:  $3.6 Million
Construction Cost: $4 Million


Inspired by the poet for which the school is named, TAP ARCHITECURE uses the famous lullaby by Eugene Field as a guide to create an environment that encourages young dreamers.

 Wall murals, floor plans and finishes draw from the word images of the poem, “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” in an overall design offering space for growth, learning and refuge to students, opening up their young minds to all future possibilities. “Where are you going, and what do you wish?”

 Before the renovation was designed, the building was assessed for structural, code, aesthetic and functionality issues. The project includes new classroom spaces, a computer room, art room, a new mechanical system and a roof renovation. Construction is ongoing for this MAPS for Kids Project in the Oklahoma City Public School District.


Eugene Field Elementary