TAP ARCHITECTURE was chosen to restore and make renovations to the jewel of St. Gregory's University, the majestic and historic Benedictine Hall. Located in the heart of campus, Benedictine Hall is a symbol of tradition and honor for the private Catholic University, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Having one of it's towers crumble to the ground, and the other three damaged during the 5.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Shawnee November 5, 2011, the iconic Benedictine Hall relentlessly stood proud despite the damage. The team at TAP is honored to be working with such a great University, and excited to restore the monument to its full potential and former beauty.

In addition to the renovation of Benedictine Hall, TAP provided a master plan for the main entry to the campus and the immediate grounds surrounding Benedictine Hall.  The master plan included the realignment of the main entry drive on campus to restore the historic view corridor of Benedictine Hall and various site improvements to the Unzer Family Circle Lawn, including site lighting, furniture, sidewalks, and a pedestrian plaza.  Additionally, a new plaza on the north side of Benedictine Hall is planned to link this stately building with the student dormitories on campus, creating an inviting place for students to congregate between classes.





Benedictine Hall, St. Gregory's University

​​415 N. Broadway
Oklahoma City
OK 73102


Project:  Benedictine Hall and Entry Master Plan
Shawnee, Oklahoma, St. Gregory’s University campus
St. Gregory’s University
Master Plan, Renovation, restoration
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