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Valliance Bank Texas Headquarters
McKinney, TX

TAP ARCHITECTURE’s design for this Class A office building reflects its location’s vibrancy with a dramatic form sculpted in blue/green high performance glass and Texas limestone. The pristine stone striped corporate container is placed between a terraced grass plinth and a Texas sky that reflects earth and firmament in a constant and sometimes extravagant display of moving images. In contrast to the sculpted rigor of the building are bookends of practical whimsy and fine art. The white sails provide shade and direction to the main entry while the acute corner of the building form points unequivocally to the serpentine granite sculpture by Khang Pham.

The very deliberate interface of building and art was informed by the client’s longtime patronage of and passion for public art. R T Oliver directed TAP to create an appropriate location for the display of a signature sculpture and personally selected this work by the award winning Canadian-Vietnamese artist. This design was recently awarded with the Commercial Building Design Award of Excellence, City of McKinney.